Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review: Double Heart Diner by Annie Jones

Publisher: TKA Distribution
Publication Date: December 11, 2011
ISBN: 9781937776046
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Received via Net Galley from TKA Distribution

The Blurb:

It was a little piece of heaven on Route 66. True, the famed Double Heart Diner had seen better days. But it was still such a special place for so many people. And Georgia Darling wasn’t going to let some city-slicker shut it down, no matter how handsome and sweet-talking the stranger might be.

It was a precious piece of land on the Texas panhandle, and it belonged to him. So why was businessman Jett Murphy letting some cute, fiery redhead try to talk him out of bulldozing the entire building? If Miss Darling thought she could beat him when it came to being headstrong...well, maybe he had met his match.

Route 66 Romance: Come along for the fun on the rocky road to love.

My Take:

First, I must say that this was a very cute read that had me smiling the entire time. Our heroine, Georgia Darling, is as zany as can be and channels I Love Lucy in the best of times. She has one thing that she cares about more than anything, saving her "home" the Double Heart Diner. Set in the midst of Old Route 66, the Double Heart Diner is scheduled to be bought out and sold to land developers, but Georgia won't have any of it so she decides to go to the press regarding her ex-employers plans to destroy the diner. 

Enter Jett Murphey. Our hero, a recluse who loves staying out of the spotlight during both business and personal dealing, is about to have a handful of problems when an ex employee threatens to go to the media with his intentions to buy and sell the Double Heart Diner. He has to figure out a way to stop her from doing so, but finds himself on a wacky adventure to save the Diner while traveling down the heart of America on Old Route 66 with none other than Ms. Georgia Darling herself.

Our hero and heroine are complete opposites, and as such are perfect together. Creating a yin and yang type relationship that balances each other. Georgia has an extremely playful attitude, that for the most part is cute and funny, but at some points (such as when Jett was on an important phone call) I found her to be a little immature. After all, even in stories, there is a time and a place for playfulness/humor. 

Regardless, it was fun uncovering everything the two of them had up their sleeves as they tried to outrace the media to save the Double Heart and in the process find themselves and love. As the Double Heart Diner saying goes: "If you've lost your love or lost your way, you'll find them at the Double Heart Diner."

The only main issue I had really, (and I'm not sure if it's because of the type of e-reader I was using) was some formatting constraints. There were scene breaks that didn't actually have the break so it would take me a second to realize we weren't on the same scene anymore. Other than that and the brief comment of how at certain time the humorous, fun and quirky attitude of Georgia came across as immature, I have no complaints and very much enjoyed it. 

These two characters brought out each others best qualities and as such created memorable characters that I look forward to visiting again. 

It's a sweet romance, only a few non-explicit kisses, and we all know how I tend to like my romances nice and steamy, however the sweetness of this fit the tone of the book well and it was such a quick read at just around 180 pages, that I do believe I may find myself reading it again at some point.

Great job on a great story, Ms. Jones.

My Rating: 4/5 Lattes

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