The Fine Print

Unless otherwise stated, please assume that the books reviewed here were given to the Reviewers free of charge by the author or publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and are not influenced by any relationship with the author or publisher.
However, please assume that clicking on any image or link on this blog will result in my receiving financial compensation.
Unless otherwise noted, please assume that all works reviewed on this blog are intended for those over the age of majority in their respective localities.

Effective immediately, this day of February 29, 2012 all reviews will contain a disclosure stating the origins of the book being reviewed. For the most part, whether if be a gift from the author/publisher, or a site such as NetGalley or even won in a contest of sorts, the majority of books reviewed will have been received for free. 
If it is mentioned that the book was received through means such as Amazon or Smashwords or Barnes and Noble, etc. please assume that I, myself, purchased the book, unless I indicate otherwise. 

As of right now, I do not receive any compensation for anything on the site, but to protect myself for what the future may hold with the review site at any point in time that I may start receiving compensation of any sort for anything posted on the site, a disclosure will be added here in addition to the above required FTC disclosure.

As indicated in the title of this blog, A Whole Latte Romance Reviews, reviews romance novels. For this reason, please assume that all books reviewed as well as the reviews themselves, may contain explicit material not suitable for those under the age of majority.

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