Rating System

The Latte Rating System

The below scale is how I rate my reviews as well as the meaning behind each rating:
1/5  Lattes– I didn’t like it. I could hardly finish it.
2/5 Lattes- It was okay. I finished it, but I likely won't recommend it to others and perhaps won't even keep it myself.
3/5 Lattes- I liked it. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really good either. Nothing particularly stood out for me and I may or may not recommend it to others.
4/5 Lattes- I really liked it.  I’d probably read it again in the future, and I would most likely recommend it to others. There were probably only a few things that bothered me with the story and as such kept it from a higher rating, but overall it was a great, enjoyable read.
5/5 Lattes- I loved it. I can't stop thinking or talking about it. It’s going on my “keeper” shelf and I will probably read it again in the future. Just to revisit it's greatness.

Note: Most books, due to the fact that I can pick and choose which I'm willing to review, will receive a 4 latte review. It is not because I'm not objective or "feel bad" giving a lower rating, and more so, due to the fact that I simply choose books that I would normally want to read and as such am reviewing stories that I am most likely going to enjoy.
While it is rare, sometimes I'll find myself unable to finish a book. I try to give the book a chance and always try to finish it, but if after the third chapter I am not pulled into the story, I will most likely stop reading and move on to the next story. More often than not, I do finish the story and am either pleasantly surprised or find myself giving it a low review, but I assure you, that as a reviewer, I do my best to read every story that is given to me for review.

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