Monday, February 13, 2012

Review: Chain Reaction by Zoe Archer

Title: Chain Reaction
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: January 9, 2012

ISBN: 9781426893032
Length: 43,000 words
Science-Fiction Romance

Elite 8th Wing pilot Celene Jur was taken captive after a mysterious device temporarily disabled her ship's controls. Three solar months later, when Celene receives intel on the man who built the device, she's ready to get the bastard. Only problem is, the higher-ups think her mission partner should be Nils Calder, a tech-head who can understand the disabling device.  The attraction between them is electric, but Celene needs a soldier who can watch her back as she exacts her revenge.

Nils knows his department is nicknamed NerdWorks. Pilots like Celene think the closest tech geeks come to combat is all-night Nifalian chess tournaments. But behind the NerdWorks insignia on his sleeve Nils is an able fighter, ready to prove himself and gain Celene's trust.

The desire between them is unexpected, but with the fate of thousands hanging in the balance, the hotshot pilot and the tech genius must succeed in their mission-no matter the cost.

Thanks to Carina Press and I had the opportunity to review this novella. I had picked it because I am a fan of Zoe Archer's Blades of the Rose series and thought it might be interesting to try a different book by the author. I am very glad I did. Chain Reaction is book 2 in Zoe Archer's 8th Wing series, and I'm definitely going to grab myself a copy of book 1 and look forward to the release of book 3.

Zoe Archer writes with a talent for grabbing your attention and not letting you stop until the story is finished. The story was fast paced, adventurous, and all around exciting. I especially liked the world building. The author did a great job in that aspect, she created a world that I truly believed, while reading it, could exist. The only down side to this I thought was that because she delved so deep into the world, the names of plants and animals etc were stated, but I had nothing to compare a description to so I had no idea what things really looked like and was left to my own imagination there. Overall, not too bad of a complaint and it was easy to over look for the most part and allow myself to enjoy the story. A glossary of terms either before or after the story would have been helpful.

The characters are very strong, I love myself a strong, kick-ass heroine, and generally I do prefer the hero to still be stronger if not her equal. In this novella, Celene was definitely and extremely strong heroine and the hero, Nils, acknowledged and accepted the fact that she in fact, is stronger than him. I think this is one of the reasons I didn't mind the hero being a tad under the heroine and in fact, they did treat each other as equals despite the knowledge that Celene is the stronger of the two and this really worked for me. The hero accepted the heroine for who she was, which in was extremely important in the relationship arc of this story. And though Nils is the Beta to Celene's Alpha, he is still strong in his own right (and yummy to boot) the two of them meshed extremely well together in my opinion.

Together, they helped to make a big dent in taking down a corporate giant set on universal domination and they didn't let their relationship get in the way when it came to their job duties, this shows the strength of their character, at least to me.

Overall this was a great read and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys science fiction/futuristic romance.

4/5 lattes

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